3D audio drama Sophie’s Adventures in the Dark is released!

Picture of a girl in a dark scary tunnel!

World exclusive! The first audio drama ever post-produced in full 3D sound! This is better than Binaural because the technique allows a producer to place any sound anywhere and move it around, even a sound that could not exist and move naturally in a Binaural recording.

For example, the Binaural microphone technique works really well for recording a couple having a lover’s tiff over a drink down the pub, but post-production 3D audio animation allows a producer to animate a slathering monster smashing it’s way through the pub windows, grabbing the girl and energy-blasting anyone who gets in the way, things you obviously couldn’t do on location.

To be honest, I personally like to use a combination of the two techniques, but Sophie’s Adventures in the Dark was entirely post-produced in 3D surround, using only mono sound sources and moving them around in a sphere.

This was my first dabble with 3D audio animation, so some bits aren’t quite as powerful as I’d like, but everyone else tells me its good so why not check it out today!


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