About us

Living Audio C.I.C. is a production company based in central England, specialising in Spoken Word recording and audio drama production.

Audio books and voiceovers are recorded in our well-appointed sound studio using the latest microphone technology and digital recording systems, and we can also offer remote recording via our Source Connect platform.

Although we aim to release all our audio products to the general public, our target group within the community is blind or print-disabled readers. Our primary activity is the recording of audio versions of books that are unlikely to be produced by the major audiobook publishers because they are perhaps written by self-publishing Authors, published by relatively small publishing houses or are works of Fan Fiction.

An example of the kinds of project we work on is the release of our audiobook version of the James Potter Series by G. Norman Lippert.

Our founder Matt Brown is a totally blind lover of audiobooks, and has been working as an audio producer since 2001. In January 2014 he was looking around on Goodreads, when he came across the James Potter stories for the first time. Being a massive Harry Potter fan he was naturally curious to see what all the fuss was about, and discovered, despite having to listen to a robotic speech synthesiser read them to him, that the books were truly fantastic.

However Matt really felt that something simply had to be done about there not being audiobook versions available for blind or print-disabled customers, and so he set about making contact with Mr Lippert to secure his permission to produce the audiobooks, and then, because the novels are a work of Fan Fiction, he made contact with J K Rowling to get her permission to go ahead with the project, which was granted in March 2014.

The audio version of the first book in the series, James Potter and the Hall of Elders Crossing, narrated by Jus Sargeant, was released in June 2014. It reached an audients of over a thousand unique listeners in the first week. The release was made available for free as an online only low-quality stream to the general public,and a high-quality downloadable MP3 version was also made available at a cost of £5.00 for blind or print-disabled readers.

We have over 10 years experience working on sound design for computer games, spoken word, audio drama and music production. Our clients include the BBC, Gamelab London, Blue Inc Events, Pop Media, Royal College of Art, Elmhurst School for Dance, Midlands Academy of Dance & Drama, Winchester School of Performing Arts and Gaston-Payne Dance to name just a few.

We specialize in Binaural recording and 3D sound animation, and have been retained as consultants in this field on numerous occasions. We can also produce and mix music for static and “In-Motion” 3D sound experiences.