Colin R. Parsons – Wizards’ Kingdom

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The shadow of evil has spread over Wizards’ Kingdom, and at the centre of the web is the power-crazed warlock, Evilan. Can the three benevolent wizards – Zendal, Crasmont and young Mydar – pool all their sorcerers’ energy together and rescue Lord Torsk, imprisoned by Evilan in Spellock Castle? And is Torsk all that he pretends to be?

Maybe Loof the Catchet can help them. or the weird Rock People of the Shallow Water. or Crockledam the troll. Certainly, Shim, Zendal’s jet-black stallion, is a tower of strength – until a vicious Cliffkreeper strikes him down!

When the despondent trio are joined by the ancient Wizard King Veltzeg, a master of shapeshift, he lifts their spirits and skill levels, and a humdinger of a fight ensues at Spellock Castle – a real battle of wits, wills and wizardry. And may the best magician win

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