G.Norman Lippert – James Potter and the Vault of Destinies

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  • Written by G.Norman Lippert
  • Format: Spoken Word (unabridged)
  • Length: 23 hours
  • Narrated by: Jus Sargeant
  • Publisher: Living Audio C.I.C.
  • Living Audio release date: 31/07/2015
  • Regular price: £5.00 (available for blind/print disabled only!)

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Publisher’s Summary

“Harry shook his head slowly, not in negation, but in deep thought. He looked out over the waves. ‘Merlin either knew that you were going to resue Petra… or that Petra was going to be saved somehow, one way or another…,’ he said slowly, and then paused. Finally he shrugged, still not meeting James’ gaze. ‘Or for whatever reason – and despite the fact that I hate to consider it – perhaps Merlin was willing… to allow Petra to die.'” – from JPVD

It is a year of change and upheaval for the entire Potter family. Harry, as head Auror, has been sent to the United States to help investigate a nefarious underground group whose proclaimed goals are to unite the Muggle and Magical worlds by any means necessary. Unwilling to be separated for the lengthy trip, Ginny insists that the family accompany Harry, launching a year-long journey to the United States and the American wizarding school of Alma Aleron. Though determined to avoid adventure for the term, James finds himself unwillingly pulled into an international incident involving Petra Morganstern. Apparently framed for a crime she didn’t commit, James and his friends must prove Petra’s innocence before she is convicted and permanently separated from everything she loves. But Petra, as James slowly learns, is no ordinary witch. Her magic is mysteriously powerful, even without a wand, and the headmaster himself seems wary of her. Despite how difficult it might be, James must chose to confront the truth he has been seeking, knowing that it may well shatter the stability of the magical world at large.

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