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Hi folks. As you’ve probably heard, there’s a new law in town, and its called GDPR! Now, whilst we totally think its a fantastic idea, we can’t afford to comply with it because we don’t have enough money to do it right and keep your data safe in the context of an online store currently managed by ourselves! So we’ve decided to take our store off line for the time-being while we have a good think about how to get our content to you in the future.

This also gives us the chance to look at feedback from you regarding content delivery, and how that can be handled better. We know many of you hate downloading zip files, importing the MP3s into iTunes then syncing to your mobile device, so we’re looking at several alternative options right now that will let you get our content right on your device without having to go through all that boring stuff!

Right now though, you can listen to the James Potter Series podcast using the player below, or by searching for us in your podcast app of choice, and yes, book 5 in the series has now been recorded and will be available later this year!

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